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Long Form TV, series

Hi-Definition TV & 5.1

Commercials & Promos

Internet, Corporate

Museum Exhibits

Film Score & mix


Theatre, Dance

Music, Multimedia

sound design & mix, unless otherwise noted

The Contenders, w/Dave Yazbek - Milos Forman, executive producer - original music

Incident at Oglala - Michael Apted, director; Robert Redford, exec. producer - original music

Overnight Success - Richard Schenkman, director - original music

Caracol: The Lost Maya City - Ricardo Montalban, narrator - original music, sound design

Mermaids - post-production ADR

Black And White And Red All Over

Jon Good’s Wife

Adrift: Lost On The Road of Expectations

Advice And Dissent

The Perfect Gooseys

Slow Time

In The Tradition of My Family


Cloverfield - post-production ADR

The Truth About Cancer

Please Remove Your Shoes - supervising sound design