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Long Form TV, series

Hi-Definition TV & 5.1

Commercials & Promos

Internet, Corporate

Museum Exhibits

Film Score & mix


Theatre, Dance

Music, Multimedia

sound design & mix, unless otherwise noted

National Geographic WILD - promo bundles

Inside The White House: With The President’s Photographers - original music & mix

Talking Pictures - National Geographic - original theme, music & mix

Passage to Vietnam - Rebo Studios - original music & mix

Doctors Without Borders - Rebo Studios/NHK, Japan - original music & mix

Martha Stewart’s Entertaining at Home - PBS

Martha Stewart’s Decorating With Paint - PBS

Five Years on Mars - National Geographic

Johnny Cash at Folsom, Revisited - sound supervision for DVD release

American Experience: We Shall Remain - Geronimo - PBS

American Experience: We Shall Remain - Wounded Knee - PBS