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Metric Halo ULN-8 interface/pre/convertor

digidesign and Apogee interfaces, including 003 consoles

TelosExpress ISDN ~ JK Audio Broadcast Host Digital Hybrid

top-notch microphones, including Neumann TLM103, AKG, earthworks, and blue

JVC BD-HD50 Hi Definition HDV  + DV decks, MOTU, Tascam, all other transfers

Genelec, Tannoy, Mix Cubes and Kliptch monitor systems, including true 5.1

Logitek UV-bright, behringer digital, Lexicon and other outboard

several Apple Macbook Pro laptops, Xeon Quad-core desktops

Windows 7 PC laptop as needed, screens, graphic cards

Panasonic WR-DA7 console w/ AES/EBU, TDIF, ADAT lightpipe converters

Antelope Audio Clock, numerous drives ~ anything else


AVID digidesign Pro Tools ~ Digital Performer ~ Logic Pro Studio including Soundtrack Pro

Adobe Master Collection ~ MOTU Mach Five, Ethnic ~ iK Kontakt ~ Chicken Software Translator ~ Toast, Nero, and all utilities ~ Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, and more

sound libraries [complete]

20th Century Fox ~ Animal Trax ~ Audio Pro ~ BBC ~ BC General FX ~ Cartoon ~ CitiTrax [01-10] ~ DeWolfe ~ DigiEffects ~ Dimension ~ Hollywood Edge [incl. SDR, HE Cartoon, Foley, History, Free, SuperSingle] ~ Larger than Life ~ Sound Ideas [all 1000-9000 series, also Hanna Barbera, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers] ~ Valentino complete, and more: over 250,000 SFX files online!


Waves ~ iZotope ~ Lexicon ~ TRacks

Complete Production Toolkit and all digidesign

Dolby Digital Media Meter v.2 ~ everything else