Audio Mixer and Sound Designer extraordinaire for 30-plus years, with all the major networks, ad agencies, internet broadbanders and museums, Bill also operates RazorMix, Inc. and is currently mixing “Lidia’s Italy” for PBS.

Lending both virtual and hands-on support to slice, Bill was previously Senior Audio Mixer/Sound Designer at Tonic Digital, National Sound, Howard Schwartz Recording, Sync Sound, and many others; he has mixed promos, commercials, long and short form programming, including numerous seasons of Beavis and Butthead and Denise Calls Up, winner Camera d'Or Cannes Film Festival.

Bill had also designed television studios, was Senior Product Specialist for Interface Design at New England Digital/Synclavier in Vermont, England and Italy, was a composer and project coordinator at New York City’s Ciani/Musica for Suzanne Ciani's Grammy-nominated "Neverland", and recorded The Cleveland Orchestra in his hometown of.. Cleveland.

bill cavanaugh

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